does anybody have any information on these knives?

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Well Ryan if you can, to load a picture hover your mouse over the second box above this discussion  and then click. It will open a box. But from there you have to know where on the computer you have your pictures.

Also it would be a good to add what you know about the knife if anything. By giving information you know just helps people research better.

it is the same as the silver one in the middle


I do understand from the worthpoints I have seen on them that they are Sheffield made.  Perhaps the Sheffield group could assist?

hey what ya have their are known or called a few things.

most would call them riggers knives....some call them by the one blade that is on them and that is a marlin knife.

the top blade on all three that looks like a punch of sorts is called a Marlin Spike.this was designed to help with knots. these knives.all 3 my guess is either english or italian made.especially the top 2.the bottom one eludes me a looks more american made to me but thats just a guess. all in all though they were made for yachting,boating ectect...thats not a guess. the bottom knife looks like an original schatt and morgan or something in that area.the top 2 especially the black one i would say are english made. 

 here is one that has an additional tool ,on the listing he calls it a rope pulling blade,when in fact its actually a shackle key.once again used on boats. .. i actually own only one myself with the shackle key...its not seen very often.i like knives with ODD tools. if these marlins are for sale let me know as i collect them.

could you please supply  the tang stamp information as it would help me so much more

to help you gather even more information.  or closeup shots of the tang stamps. hope my ramblings have helped.

they call it a clasp knife.thats the first time i have heard it called that.but as you will see they are
made in Sheffield by the THOMAS TURNER CO. when i wrote my original reply i didnt even realize the heading had Canada in it or see the stamping on the middle knife. the following link clears a lot of things up.these knives were in fact made in ENGLAND and imported through wherever to get to CANADA . whats even funnier is i remembered now that i have a TT SHEFFIELD made hawkbill/pruner. it has one of its earlier stamping on the front handle ENCORE. ill see if i have pics of it on my drive or some where as my wife has it for now.its also the same handle material as the top knife in the pic here but a more lighter grey.

DO ALL 3 HAVE THE SAME TANG STAMP? im still very curious. the bottom knife looks USA made to me ...but im not sure if all 3 are the same stamp...the top knife looks identical to one that i have seen SHEFFIELD made on the tang stamp before but it had nothing to do with Canada.

here is one of many links i ended up finding ....

hope i helped....

this was completely borrowed from a page that would have been hard to link and then have everyone scroll and so forth but this is a best a summary online as i could find anywhere at least about this one company. the following i did not write and was found while searching the many many links on GOGGLE.

"Thomas Turner & Co

Thomas Turner & Co was established in the early 1800s by Thomas Turner and was based at the Suffolk Works on Norfolk Street. Its 'Encore' trademark was registered in the mid 1800s, having previously been registered by another cutler, Luke Brownell.

Thomas Turner & Co made a large range of goods including table knives, saws, files and edge tools. Like some of the other larger cutlery firms, it also produced and forged its own crucible steel using imported Swedish bar iron. The company supplied the Navy with open razors and exported its knives across the British Colonies.

By the late 1800s Thomas Turner & Co was one of the most important cutlery firms in Sheffield. By the early 1900s it had increased in size by merging with the cutlery firms Wingfield, Rowbotham & Co and Joseph Haywood & Co. This increased its number of employees from 300 to 1,000. A souvenir publication dating to around 1903 notes that 18,000 machine forged table knife blades were being produced at Suffolk Works each week."

hope that was again helpful.

M&D (Militia & Defense)

found this Input on another knife site

 Canadian issued pieces. Here we are so far.
1914 Thomas Turner marked M & D Canada, alloy grips
George Wostenholm I*XL with no date (pre-WWI?), Broad "C" and arrow, blade has seen some use (grips? Hardened rubber? Don't know how to tell, but they certainly don't have a plastic feel to them)
Bone handle Camillus Cutlery 1915, with broad C & arrow (a bit disappointed when that one arrived - no snap at all to the blade and lots of wobble, but it looks good on the shelf in spite of the wear on the spearpoint blade and the lack of any proper action)
And an M.S. Ltd XX, Case M346 early post war (1948-49 per Flook's book)

Camillus made

1914 - 1945

During WWI, the company shifted production to support the American, British, Canadian and Dutch forces. The company also manufactured MARLIN Spikes, surgical scapuls, and a folding knife/spoon combination for the Red Cross in those years.

Knife carried during this period it seems..

found this little video surfing..

Military Logistics of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914–1919 Logistics of the Canadian E...

Excellent info everyone...Thanks for all the input.  If anyone else has info..join in :)

ryan moir said:

it is the same as the silver one in the middle

Hi Ryan,


I know those knives well ;-).


The three knives were made for the Candian forces in WWI. The top one was made by Geo Wostenholm and has checkered buffalo horn scales, the middle knife was made by Thomas Turner and the last knife by Schatt & Morgan. Here are some further photos of my Thomas Turner.  The GI knives should have the broad arrow inside a C.


I'd like to see photos of your 1914 knife if possible please. Are you selling or trading yours? I may be interested if it's in good condition.


Very  good SK.  First hand knowledge...Thanks

the knife is now on ebay if anybody is intrested cheers for the information everyone :)


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