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Member needs and prayer requests

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My good friend, Hog---  Please know that my prayers are there for your mother in law, your wife, you, and the  rest of your family- May God bless ---

Steve, May God be with your family in this need. May He also touch you mother in law with His healing hands. In Jesus Name.

Thank you all! My Mother in law came home today with a neighbor who will look in on her. Also will undergo some rehab and was told this is a precursor to a bigger one if she is not careful. Again many thanks for the prayers from my knife family.

That sounds like some pretty positive news. And perhaps a wake-up call for your mums-in-law?

Thanks for the update, Steve - My best to you and Pam.

so very glad she is home and some continued therapy may help the big one stay away!

Praise The Lord

Glad to hear the good news. We will continue to pray for her.

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