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What are your thoughts?????  on a price????

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A "fair" price? Good question. Maybe someone will chime in that has a good idea.

well I see them out there for 100-125 range but one went on ebay for 60 today.  I would say fair then would be in the 80-85 range?

Never bought anything on eBay before.  Third time this one was listed at 149.95,  tried again with a couple counteroffers, but same as first time, his counteroffer was 95 bottom dollar, so I went ahead and bit on it.  Didn't even think to inquire about box and any papers were with it.  As long as it matches the pictures, I guess I'll be okay, maybe a little high, but still kind of the middle also it seems.  Now on way from Florida to Indiana, let's see how long that takes the way the mail has been since Christmas is over now, but you'd think it was in the busiest times.  Must be more business with returns than purchases during the season????

Year a go NKCA coke bottle on ebay auction was going for 45-59$ now I checked eBay completed auctions and there several went in price range from 35 - 45$ and swing guards are more expensive from 75 - 127$
I don't collect them because I'm not a NKCA member and I never bin so those are not mine! :)

That should be a really nice knife!  I had one back when they first came out. Wish I still had it!


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