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Great Eastern Cutlery hosted by Ken Mundhenk


Great Eastern Cutlery hosted by Ken Mundhenk

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Comment by Steve Hanner on Monday

Thanks Jan Good to know!

Comment by Jan Carter on Sunday

This what Chris has to say about the twin packs

For the twin pack hunting knives we are doing here is some info on them, and pictures will be posted soon.


Sharp Pointed Muskrat Blade

Sheepfoot Blade

Drop Point Blade

Bird Hook


These can be purchased in a two pack combo or individually.  We will have either a twin sheath for the combo or single sheaths.  They will be Great Eastern brand in 1095 carbon steel.  Overall length is 6 3/4”, blade length is 3” and handle length is 3 3/4”.  They will have a lanyard hole and be handled with Green Canvas Micarta to start with.  Other colors of canvas micarta will be used at a later date.

Comment by Jan Carter on Sunday


I havent bought of those so or watched the price on them much but 20.00 is quite a hike

Comment by jeff on Sunday

i was just looking at the new gec barlows... nice ! but, is it just me .. or has the price climbed about 20 bucks on these over last couple of runs?  whew.. almost a buck for a single blade barlow?  why the price jump? supply and demand or material cost?  just wondering if anyone else had noticed this.. or just me?

Comment by Jan Carter on July 15, 2014 at 20:30

I heard there is a new "twin pack" coming up!

Comment by Jan Carter on July 14, 2014 at 15:44

and says to let you all know that she is always available, if you have a question....feel free to call

Comment by Jan Carter on July 14, 2014 at 15:35

I have had some questions, which is why I asked if you all knew anything.  So I did the best thing I know to do.  LOL, I called Chris.  

This marking is indeed going to continue but understand it will be for the outdoor knives, not the standard knives.  So, if you are looking for a knife they have created specifically for outdoor use, whether it is a fixed or a folder, it will be a GEC but available in both steels.  SO, LOOK before you buy, ask your dealer if you need to.  GET the steel you wanted.

A clue is also on the reverse of the tang cyclops = SS

TIW or Titusville Iron Works = carbon

For the collectors out there.  2014 is the first year this is happening, will that make this model more collectible in the GEC line by being 1095 steel?

Comment by Jan Carter on July 14, 2014 at 15:11

Great Catch there Tom!  This new release of them is A GEC with the Acorn.  I guess I am confused because the "History of our brands" page still states you can recognize the GEC specific Brand is "They are easily recognizable with the Great Eastern Cutlery acorn shield" and "our Great Eastern Cutlery line of knives with blades and springs made of stainless steel.".  

I would like to know if this is changing?  Will not be bale to recognize GEC as a SS any longer at a glance?

Comment by Tom Peterson on July 14, 2014 at 9:19


I believe that the GEC fixed blade hunting knives were 1095 also.

Comment by Jan Carter on July 13, 2014 at 15:20

OK, I am confused.  

The newest round of knives are all GEC (the woodcock) I like it!  

I was very excited to see it as a GEC brand.  Acorn shield and the blade etch tell me it is not a Northfield, not a Tiduiote but a Great Eastern.  440C!  WOOOHOOO!!!  oh wait!

Here is the part that is confusing me.  The 1095 have the acorn shield also.

OK, I still like the knife,maybe I like the 1095 more.  Will this be the only knife with an acorn and squirrel that is made in 1095?  It is more collectible?  Is it a mistake?

What do you think??


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