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Lady's and gentleman’s when we decided to make first knife - we are beginners! We have a lot of questions; unknown things, tips and tricks! I start my first knives and that’s why I decided to start this group! Professionals are invited!

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Started by Jan Carter. Last reply by Jan Carter Aug 28. 1 Reply

I thought it was time we had a category for forging.  I put up the soup can forge video and will add it in here…Continue

Tags: forum, knives, Forging

Stabilizing your own wood

Started by Jan Carter. Last reply by Jan Carter Aug 27. 51 Replies

Well Donnie decided last weekend he wanted to try stabilizing his own wood.The process is not quick.  We have stabilized one set and dyed three, all are in the drying stages…Continue

Tags: stabilizing-your-own-wood

Absolute Cheapskate Way to Start Making Knives

Started by John McCain. Last reply by Bob Robinson Aug 9. 4 Replies

Fledgling knifemaker Scott Jones (Jonesy) put this out on the web years ago and  it has been reproduced on numerous sites since then-It helped trigger my knife making mania ages ago-  This used to be available as a PDF on the web, but is no longer…Continue

Inlay a Shield?

Started by Jan Carter. Last reply by Alexander Noot Aug 4. 10 Replies

The Two-legged Parser Ever wonder how the old time pocket knife makers used to inlay the fancy little nickel shields into the knife handles? They used the simplest of tools but the only one I know which will drill a hole of any shape - this tool was…Continue

Tags: legged, Parcer, two, shield, inlay

What steel to use?

Started by Brad T.. Last reply by Alexander Noot Jul 21. 16 Replies

This is not going to be a steel snob topic, but I will research and list all the steel alloys that pique my interest. I invite you to do the same about your preferences. I am going to start off by saying that I prefer a carbon steel like D2, but…Continue

Tags: steels, Blade

Making Micarta

Started by Jan Carter. Last reply by Max McGruder Jul 6. 3 Replies

I will post a few videos we have seen also but this is probably one of the best set of instructions I have seenMaking Denim Micarta…Continue

Tags: Micarta, Making


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Comment by Alexander Noot 12 hours ago

Thanks Tom. There is no local Tandy store around here. The closest one is in England I believe.

I have to work with the limited tools that I buy at knife shows and such. It's slowly getting better and sometimes even to the point that I'm actually happy with my work. This stamping patterns is new for me. And just in doing this first one I learned soooo incredibly much.

The next one will be MILES ahead of what this one is.

Comment by Tom Peterson yesterday


I learned a lot of info at my local Tandy store and also from a couple of sheathmaking videos that I bought. Check out YouTube and other forums for more free info. My own work improved as I acquired more tools - an edge beveler made a big difference on my sheaths. Good luck!

Comment by Alexander Noot yesterday

Giving leather stamping a try for the first time:

I feel it's gone fairly well. I see quite a few misstakes. But I'm happy for a first time try.

Comment by Bob Robinson on Monday
Thanks Jan. I probably just didn't pay attention. I will try that sometime.
Comment by Jan Carter on Sunday

I thought I had answered this one Bob, sorry.  Heat up the back part of the spike, put it in a vise and use the tool with the circle to hold and twist it.  the hard part?  Making sure the twist brings it back around to the proper alignment for the blade

Comment by Bob Robinson on Saturday
Jan, a question, how does he put the twist in the RR spike? Probably a dumb question.
Comment by Bob Robinson on Saturday
Donnie has a nice looking start on his shop. You made some great finds at the flea market also!
Comment by Jan Carter on Saturday

The shop is beginning to take shape a bit.  The goal for Donnie is to have it complete by Christmas

Comment by Jan Carter on Saturday

A quick trip to the flea market and some strategic parking to get me close enough to not have to walk far was productive.  2 Nicholson files and some much needed tools for forging

This haul was less than the cost of two new tongs that we picked up.  The apron was part of it

Comment by Jan Carter on Saturday

I did, you have to watch the lettering on them.  There are some high carbons that make good ones.  the high carbons were used on high stress track areas so they are not as abundant


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