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iKC Arsenal Hosted By Charles Sample

A Group for members who believe in and use their 2nd amendment right. A place to show, share and discuss the firearms collected and enjoyed by fellow members. 

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Dumb Toy Gun?

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Shlomo ben Maved yesterday. 22 Replies

The manufacturers of this toy gun obviously know nothing about guns.  Who can be the first to tell me what is wrong with it?Continue

Have You Joined The NRA?

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Shlomo ben Maved yesterday. 19 Replies

I want to encourage everyone who is not a member already to join the NRA.  The NRA is the most powerful voice we have for our Second Amendment rights.  If it weren't for the NRA, we would already have few if any gun rights left.  To keep fighting…Continue

intent to solicit proposals for assorted small arms and ammunition.

Started by Jan Carter. Last reply by Michael D. Sep 9. 5 Replies

I recently read an article that has me rather confused. The Department of Education has, for example, spent over $80k on Glock …Continue

Tags: ammo, and, arms, small

New Remington Arms plant.

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Michael D. Sep 2. 13 Replies

I just found out that Remington Arms is going to open a firearms manufacturing plant in pro Second Amendment Huntsville AL instead of anti Second Amendment New York.  It will be just about 25 miles from my house.  It will employ 2000 workers.…Continue

An Interesting Day In The Woods

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Indian Aug 30. 6 Replies

I had an interesting day in the woods today.  Rode my 4 wheeler some and downloaded my game cameras.  Got some good deer and turkey pics.Here is one of the turkey pics.  There are nine turkeys in this picture.  Eight are easy.  The ninth is a little…Continue

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Comment by Andrew Roy 10 minutes ago

I feel like I'm standing in front of a gun 7 step program group here.  LOL. 

Hi everyone, my name is Andy, and I spend too much $ on guns.  Yesterday I joined because I was giddy about a new one I'm waiting to receive.  Its a Uberti rolling block .22 magnum.  I fell for the .22 magnum cartridge last year and I've been having a blast shooting a little Marlin bolt action .22 mag around the property every time I visit my folks.  Probably could just stick to .22LR for cheaper, but i really like the extra snap that magnum has.

My last gun was a .22 lr.  Its a Marlin model 60 in SS and plywood, its in the back of my SUV.  Its the first new in box model 60 I've ever owned.  I've had a few, but they all came in the $60 range in the used gun bin.  I've never modded one, but this one had a plastic trigger guard, so I replaced that with an aluminum one I got off the net. 

Today's carry piece is my little Beretta Bobcat.  The one I usually carry is an FN-S9.  I like the FN better than my Glock because of the thumb safety, which I find makes me feel so much more comfortable with that thing stuck down the back of my pants.  My friend says that silly, but my Glock stays in the safe under the bed.

I like collecting carbines.  I have a few good ones now.  I'm always on the lookout for another one in pistol calibers.  Right now the Chiappa M1 clone in 9 mm is what I'm constantly checking for. 

I'm not one of those folks that is a vast source of knowledge about guns, ammo, and ballistics.  I'm more of an enthusiast and a guy pestering y'all who do know this stuff with questions. 

Comment by Charles Sample yesterday

Great post Shlomo!  Thanks guys, I like to see good posts like this.

Comment by Shlomo ben Maved yesterday

One thing I forgot to mention -- .22 rimfire is a .224 while .22 centerfire is .223 and they are NOT compatible between cartridges.

Comment by Ron Dumeah yesterday

Thanks, it was a bit confusing when I typed in .22LR ammo and it came up with .17 ammo. Some of the info stated that it could be used in .22LR. I am glad I asked. Thanks John again!! LOL Shomo thanks for that history lesson. It was a great read! 

Comment by Shlomo ben Maved yesterday

There was no Henry pistol (rifle yes) with a lever but a Volcanic and they used rimfire ammo.
The idea of placing a priming compound in the rim of the cartridge evolved from an 1831 patent, which called for a thin case, coated all along the inside with priming compound.
By 1845, this had evolved into the Flobert .22 BB Cap, in which the priming compound is distributed just inside the rim. The .22 BB Cap is essentially just a percussion cap with a round ball pressed in the front, and a rim to hold it securely in the chamber. Intended for use in an indoor "gallery" target rifle, it used no gunpowder, but relied entirely on the priming compound for propulsion. Its Velocities were very low, comparable to an airgun. The next rimfire cartridge was the .22 Short, developed forSmith and Wesson's first revolver, in 1857; it used a longer rimfire case and 4 grains (260 mg) of black powder to fire a conical bullet.

Larger rimfire calibers were used during the Civil War in the Henry Repeater, the Spencer Repeater, the Ballard rifle and the Frank Wesson carbine. While larger rimfire calibers were made, such as the, .30 rimfire, .32 rimfire, .38 rimfire .41 Short, the .44 Henry Flat devised for the famous Winchester 1866 carbine, up to the .58 Miller, the larger calibers were quickly replaced by centerfire versions.

One of the earliest efficient modern cartridge cases was the pinfire cartridge, developed by French gunsmith Casimir Lefaucheux in 1836...French gunsmith Benjamin Houllier improved the Lefaucheux pinfire cardboard-made cartridge and patented in Paris, in 1846, the first fully metallic cartridge containing powder (and a pinfire), in a metallic shell.[13][18] Houllier commercialised his weapons in association with the gunsmiths Blanchard or Charles Robert.[19][20] The 1846 Houllier cartridges were pinfire cartridges as still were the LeMat (1856) and Lefaucheux (1858) revolvers, both used during the American Civil War.

In the United States, in 1857, the Flobert cartridge inspired the .22 Short (another rimfire), especially conceived for the first American revolver using rimfire cartridges, the Smith & Wesson Model 1. A year before, in 1856, the LeMat was the first American (French-designed) breech-loading revolver, but it used pinfire cartridges, not rimfire. Formerly, an employee of theColt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, Rollin White, had been the first in America to conceive the idea of having the revolver cylinder bored through to accept metallic cartridges (circa 1852), but Samuel Colt refused this innovation. White left Colt, went to Smith & Wesson to rent a licence for his patent, and this is how the S&W Model 1 saw light of day in 1857. The patent didn't definitely expire until 1870

Berdan primers are named after their American inventor, Hiram Berdan of New York who invented his first variation of the Berdan primer and patented it on March 20, 1866...Meanwhile, Colonel Edward Mounier Boxer, of the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, England was working on a primer cap design for cartridges, patenting it in England on October 13, 1866, and subsequently received a U.S. patent for his design on June 29, 1869 and that was the start of centerfires weapons.

Comment by John McCain yesterday

Ron, my friend- Short answer is NO---the. 17 or .22 refers to the diameter of the bullet-- Using the wrong caliber could be extremely dangerous- In this case, you would be using a smaller bullet size than recommended-- First, your bullet would not be contacting the rifling of the barrel ( spiral grooves) which spin the bullet on a straight path- The bullet could actually spin out of control and strike the side of the barrel resulting in a dangerous situation-NEVER USE anything other than the reccommended  ammunition for your rifle-- In the case of your Ruger 10/22 - Use .22 LR-( Long Rifle) ammo- There are other.22 ammunition out there, as well.

.22 Shorts, and.22 longs, and.22 Mags-- Only use what your rifle was designed for- These other ammos have different lengths and power--Won't feed properly or may have other consequences--- Be safe !!

Comment by Ron Dumeah yesterday

question at the risk of sounding dumb....can .17 ammo be used in a .22LR?

Comment by Ron Dumeah on September 7, 2014 at 19:14

air guns in Canada are legal up to 480 feet per second. Any thing higher you need a licence 

Comment by Steve Hanner on August 17, 2014 at 9:27

A great discussion on various guns and calibers at Absolute rights.com http://absoluterights.com/patriot-prepper-selecting-a-self-defense-...

Interested in your thoughts if you read through the comments

Comment by Steve Hanner on August 13, 2014 at 21:28

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